About Us

The church was formed in February 2009 with a handful of Malayalee migrants originating from Kerala, the southern tip of India. We celebrate the Living Holy Sacrifice of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in the faith of the Oriental Orthodox Church and sacred traditions of the ancient Indian Orthodox Church in Malayalam & English language.

Our main objective is to promote a Christian way of life according to the faith and teachings of the Indian Orthodox Church. 

St. George Indian Orthodox Church Perth adds value to the Australian society through the understanding of cultures, community interactions and in providing spiritual, educational, social and moral support by means of bringing together people with mutual interest of our society.

Powerful like Prophet Elijah and glittering like John the Baptist, St. Gregorios (Parumala Thirumeni 1848 – 1902) remains the beacon and a great saint of the Indian Orthodox Church. We pray for God Almighty’s abundant blessings to make our dream to see this church grow, as the Parumala of the East along with a Theological seminary and monastery, for the benefit of our non-malayalam speaking children living outside India especially Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.

Meet our Managing Committe Team

Fr Robin P Thomas


Sajin Mattathil


Sam Panicker


Jacob Thomas

Managing Committee Member

Dr Ashik Varghese

Managing Committee Member

Smith Mathew

Managing Committee Member

Litu Chacko

Managing Committee Member

Doffitha Mathew

Managing Committee Member

Soniya Varghese

Managing Committee Member

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